Using Codelocks Connect

Formally known as the NetCode Portal, the Codelocks Connect Portal provides lock management and NetCode functions for products including the KL1060, CL4500 and CL5500 locks.

Registering for an account

Registration is free but requires a valid email address which will be used as part of your sign-in information. Before proceeding, please ensure that you have access to the email address you wish to use.

  1. To register for your account, you will need to complete the registration form. Take care not to misspell your email address and remember to choose a strong password.
  2. When ready, click the register button. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address with a link to complete the activation of your account. You will not be able to sign-in until you have completed this activation.
  3. Once you have activated your account, you will then be able to sign-in. New accounts are automatically given 20 free credits allowing your to generate 20 NetCodes for testing purposes. Additional credits are available for purchase.


You will need to sign into the Portal before following any of the instructions below.

Adding a lock

Before you can create NetCodes, you will need to add your NetCode enabled lock to the Portal. The process slightly differs between the KL and CL series locks but the on-screen wizard will guide you through the proces.

  1. Through the Manage your Locks menu or from the All Locks page, click on Add New Lock
  2. Select your type of lock and then follow the wizard through the process
  3. Once you have successfully added your lock, you will be able to create NetCodes

Generating a NetCode

Once you have added a lock to your Portal account, you are ready to start generating NetCodes. A charge of 1 NetCode will be applied for each NetCode generated.

  1. Using the All Locks list from the Manage your Locks menu, select your lock. If you have a high quantity of locks, you can use the filters and search functions to help find your lock
  2. Click the Generate NetCode button to open the NetCode wizard. Select the mode, duration, date and time parameters.
  3. When ready, click Generate. Your NetCode will be displayed and you will be able to send the NetCode via email or SMS. Please note that an additional charge of 1 credit will be applied when sending via SMS.

Purchase additional credits

You will need to purchased credits to be able to generate NetCodes or sending an SMS message.

  1. Through the Buy Additional Locks & Credits menu, select the credit package that fits your requirements. The larger the credit package, the lower the per-NetCode cost.

Managing Associated Users

An Associated User is another person who you have given permission to access locks registered on your Portal account. Associated Users can be managed from Manage Associated Users under the Manage your Locks menu.

There are three types of Associated Users: Standard, Associate and Guest. A Standard level user shares the same access as your main account with the exception of making any changes to your account details. An Associate level user can generate NetCodes as well as add, edit and delete locks, whereas a Guest level user is only able to generate NetCodes.

  1. Through Manage Associated Users under the Manage your Locks menu, click the Add Associated User button
  2. Complete the new user form, taking care to select the correct user level for your requirements
  3. When ready, click Save